Michael Jackson

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25th June will be our beloved Michael Jackson’s anniversary; he passed away 25th June 2009. I know many, many fans of Michael Jackson still love him and his music. This site keeps his memory alive.

Michael started his career at the age of 5½ to 6 years old, when he joined his brothers’ band with Jackie, Jermaine, Tito and Marlon formed in 1964.

Over 5 decades M.J. won Major awards for his outstanding achievements in the music industry, from American Music Awards, Billboard Awards, Brit Awards, MOBO awards, Grammy Awards, Guinness World Records, MTV VMA Awards, Soul Train Awards in total of awards he won 402.

M.J. was a very compassionate and devoted person on the well-being of humanity setting up charities such as Heal The World Foundation in 1992. This charity aims at welfare and development for children in today’s society, raising awareness for all kids’ rights and needs. His own beautiful children Junior, Paris and Blanket carry on his legacy, to make sure kids of this world benefit from the this wonderful charity.

We lost a most caring and compassionate beautiful person by the hands of Dr Conrad Murray who got sentenced on 29 November 2011 and released October 2013 from prison after serving two of his four years sentence for involuntary-manslaughter.

This page is a tribute to Michael’s memory for all his musical works, his cd’s and videos. I hope you enjoy browsing through the selections of music by M.J. there is to offer.

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Mrs L A Gibb

There are some terrific tributes to M.J. The best I have come across who is a dedicated artist at his profession, Ben Bowman. He is a perfectionist at is craft and you feel you see the real Michael Jackson himself. You can find Ben at The Ultimate Ben: Michael Jackson Tribute Concert. Also at Ben A Tribute to Michael Jackson - facebook

Now you can shop online for Ben's merchandise at The Ultimate Ben: Michael Jackson Tribute Concert

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